Flint And Bottled Water (Updated)

UPDATE: I was digging back and came across a piece from the Washington Post last month. It shines a bit more light on the issue, including giving a bit more insight and understanding to the State Of Michigan’s side of the argument (insert counter-argument to ridiculous claims of media bias here).

One of the main arguments from the state is that the requirement of bottled water delivery would undermine other efforts to resolve the crisis. They seem to fall back continuously on the argument that many homes already have filters. Still, until all homes have filters or Virginia Tech has declared the water safe to drink without them, the most important piece of the effort should be first the daily availability to clean and safe water.


The news of late has been the attempts by the State of Michigan to have the November 10th ruling of Judge David Lawson overturned. The order: deliver bottled water to the Flint residents who do not have working filters installed.

The argument for the bottled water is pretty simple: plenty of citizens still have water that is dangerous to drink and have struggled with getting filters properly installed or traveling to the water distribution centers.

The State of Michigan is arguing that the water is indeed safe, matching federal standards. Virginia Tech water experts, however, disagree and are still urging citizens to avoid drinking piped water in homes that do not have filters.

Some citizens have chosen not use filters, deeming them untrustworthy, but it’s also true that installing the filters has barriers, a problem Lawson’s order also addressed.

Still, the state seems determined to avoid the responsibility. Putting the burden on the citizenry, who may not have the knowledge, the tools, or the physical ability to install filters, seems lacking in compassion, especially coming from the administration that was so complicit in the water crisis in the first place.

You can let Governor Rick Snyder know how you feel in a number of ways, but I encourage sending a physical letter, preferably handwritten. Let’s let them know how we feel.

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