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    Balancing Art & Life

    For those who delve into the creative world, there exists a balance that has been on my mind of late. It can be a struggle to create in a culture that often places a premium on production over creation, of progress over art. The challenge comes in the difficulty of making a career from art …continue reading

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    The Midway Tavern (Part 2 of 2)

    (Part 2 of 2, continuing the story from last week) Albertina offered the band a spot to play on a regular basis and, soon, word of mouth led other musicians to her door. Though blues has always been the focus, she has played host to a variety of musicians, both traveling and local. She speaks …continue reading

  • Photo by Justin Flagel

    The Midway Tavern (Part 1 of 2)

    It is a staple of the local music scene, yet somehow it remains unknown to many. It was by chance that I found my own way to it. Many years ago, in the days of the big bands at the Woodfire in Dowagiac, I came to know the musician Tom Moore. Over set-break discussion, he …continue reading

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    Riverlights Music Festival

    “We’re on the edge of a scene in South Bend music.” That energy, more than anything, explains Matt Teter’s excitement for the upcoming Riverlights Music Festival in South Bend. The event, launching next Thursday May 5th and continuing until Saturday, May 7th, follows in the footsteps of the Sound By South Bend festival and the …continue reading

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    Record Store Day Recap

    On the rare Saturday I find myself free from my part-time job, waking to an alarm is unexpected. I had crept through the quiet house, going about the morning routine of feeding our five animals and fixing the coffee, all while trying to make little noise so as not to wake Kristin. Even our pets …continue reading

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    The Vinyl Experience

    “I don’t play anything in my house but vinyl.” Local musician Tom Moore is not adverse to the listening options of the digital age. While on the go, he will bring along an iPod or other digital device for portable listening. He keeps CDs around for his car. At his house, however, the speakers are …continue reading

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    What’s In The CD Changer?

    It is not actually a CD changer. I long ago traded up to the world digital technology, using either my beloved 160GB iPod Classic or the laptop I am using to type this piece. The spirit is the same, however. The playlist I titled “CD Changer” is the collection of albums, EPs, and other music …continue reading

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    CD Changer Playlist

    As promised, links to all of the artists and albums in the recent “What’s In The CD Changer?” article (#AtNDPlaylist). What are you playing lately? Let us know by Tweeting at #AtNDPlaylist.   Bruce Springsteen- Nebraska Released 1982 brucespringsteen.net Available on Amazon and iTunes     Bruce Springsteen- We Shall Overcome (The Seeger Sessions) Released …continue reading

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    Analecta Releases aes sídhe

    Though it is not the first release from Analecta, their upcoming album is a new journey for members Patrick Quigley and Calvin Maloney. Titled “aes sídhe,” it represents the first full length release from the South Bend band since their transition from three members to a two-piece group. “We were at a crossroads,” Patrick said, …continue reading

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    Paul Erdman- Anywhere The Needle Drops Podcast

        Justin hangs with the working man’s musician, Mr. Paul Erdman. They chat about his journey to becoming a full time musician. Get a taste of his End Of An Era EP with the tracks Leavesick Blues and Human Nature. You can pick that EP up on iTunes and listen on Apple Music.                          This episode …continue reading