Harass Your Government: The Affordable Care Act Edition

I have long been an advocate of harassing your government, letting them know opinions and views through phone calls and letters. After all, they are we. It is our government and we can hardly expect it to operate to our standards if we are unwilling to take part.

As I have discussed more than a few times here, we are facing a new era of challenges and that communication becomes much more important. It is on us to hold our representative government accountable. Corporations and other entities with no care for you pay people well to spend their days telling the government what they want accomplished…we can surely spare a few minutes to send an email, mail a letter, or make a phone call.

With that in mind, I have recently contacted both my Senators, my House Representative, the House Speaker, and President-Elect Trump to voice my opinion on the Affordable Care Act and the future of health care. I encourage you to do the same. I am including my letter below (with personal information removed):

The Future Of Healthcare

Here are links to the two reports mentioned regarding the Michigan Medicaid Expansion:

New England Journal Of Medicine: Economic Effects of Medicaid Expansion in Michigan
Medicaid expansion boosts Michigan’s economy and will more than pay for itself, IHPI study finds

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