Everyone is an artist: A manifesto (over coffee.)

Originally posted at The Pages I Write..


In my personal opinion or thought process, I feel like we all have a form of art inside of us. That could be anywhere from being excellent at customer service and going the extra mile, to being a podcaster, to teaching a class full of young minds, to being a painter, to being that awesome coffee barista that everyone loves – or heck, even that accountant that rocks those numbers like nobody’s business. The list goes on. What’s your art? Have you found it yet?

Nearly ten years ago, I started a career in high school in the Information Technology industry. That’s what I figured I’d always do with my career. Six years ago, an automobile accident and some time off work, led me into doing some writing. This involved writing fiction, poetry and songs. I composed 30 songs and started writing three different stories. After I went back to work, I forgot about the writing. I became too busy and didn’t really pick back up on it until three years later. In 2014, I bought a digital camera and started taking pictures. It’s a longer story than what I’m going to put into this “mini manifesto”, but I’ll fill you in at some point.

Anyway, I picked up on photography. Then eventually found myself getting into writing again. I created a photography page on Facebook and Instagram. Then I created a writing page on Facebook and Instagram. I kept posting my photos onto my pages and found myself sharing my work onto various automotive groups on Facebook, (as my photos are primarily automotive photos and “rusty trucks”). With my writing and photography pages combined, I have over 8,000 followers between the social media accounts. It’s quite an honor and not something I would’ve imagined myself doing. Within the past couple of years, my new found passions have brought out the creative side of me. For the first time in my life, I feel like the writing and photography is a career path that I can find myself going down. I’m not there just yet; it’s still a work in progress. But, it’s a good start.

This “mini-manifesto” isn’t meant to come off as me bragging about my work. What I’m really after, is helping you find your art. I want to know what your passions are – have you found them? What are your hobbies? What are you really passionate about? If you could do a career reset, would you change yours? Would you be a painter, sculptor, writer or photographer? Teacher? Contractor? Or are you working for an organization, where you use your art every day? I’d love to hear if this inspired you. I really do hope so. More manifestos are in the works.

Until our next cup!


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