STAY WOKE, America

So here we are. I want to embrace my Asian American friends, my Brothers and Sisters, my LGBT friends, my Latinos and Latinas. My White Americans who understand the system and the parts they play in it. My First Nations.

Here we are. So let’s nurse our shock, yes?

Those of us who are in our late 30s to 60s – especially the poor farm kids, the reservation kids, the hood kids of all colors – know this is nothing new. We lived through Nixon, The Ronald, Bush 1 & 2, The War on Drugs, Crack Cocaine, Sunset towns, Oliver North, Three Strikes, Vietnam, The Gulf War, 9/11. The list goes on; it’s sobering. The system was always broken, but now there are no more brown, red, yellow and black bodies to exploit…now there are poor white bodies on the chopping block and they voted on promises that we older souls know will never be kept.

This is not new. The fear is not new. The anger is not new.

But this time around, we have something that is new: communication and evolving awareness. We are seeing a death rattle. Said death rattle is of the ignorance, violence, fear to keep us divided, and it’s cornered. Despite what you think about the winning political party, you have to admit that they see their fists are not as strong as it was and their terror is no longer hidden.

We must not let this divide dictate our ire. We must support each other, make our voices heard even if we don’t share the same color skin, sexual orientation or economic status. We must march on. We must ‘STAY WOKE’ with our senate, our congress, our judicial branch and our executive branch. We must heal ourselves before we heal whatever parties we are apart of and remember that we are Americans first. Other countries know we are Americans when we travel. Our bravado, our tenacity, our laughter and jokes speak for us. We must show the world that the country Obama went gray for is still here. We are evolving from our blood drenched past and we must bloom anew. It’s cheesy and poetic, but hey – you read this far, right?

Lastly, I want to give a warm hug to the Trump supporters. I know why you put him in office. For centuries, the wealthy elites made you a meat shield between them and us with the promise of glory, wealth and belonging. You will get your heaven on Earth, they tell you. I will tell you this; they are lying. I lived through Regeanomics; I saw what trickle down economics did to Wisconsin. The only people who survived his onslaught were those in the government sector, those who had strong unions. Those who had the cash to weather the storm.

Trump is the new Regean; you will not have your pensions. You will not get your tax cuts and you will not get your jobs. Your neck is still under the guillotine because there is no one left to exploit. I know you are scared. The craftsmen have been replaced by the techno wizard. The factory is automated and the office is slowly being replaced by the web. But remember, we are in this together…don’t let the divide isolate you, because it will.

As sure as time, we are moving on.

Please move on with us.


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