The Living Room Series

This week brings us the latest season of The Living Room Series at the Hanson Theatre at Lake Michigan College. The shows bring growing Americana acts to the intimate space of the Hanson for a close and personal evening of live music.

Audience members, even in the farthest row, are within speaking distance of the musicians. The evenings feature plenty of great music and, often, personal chatter from the artists that listeners would miss at larger venues.

The debut show this year features none other than The Crane Wives. Listeners to the Anywhere The Needle Drops podcast may recall The Crane Wives as our guests on the show last Winter.


Always delivering a solid live show, The Crane Wives are sure to make for a great debut. They are currently promoting their latest album, Foxlore. The 2016 release quickly followed 2015’s Coyote Stories, giving us a pair of albums that exemplify the band’s continued evolution beyond the Americana sound. Both are filled with energy-driven music and provoking songwriting. Here’s a taste of Sleeping Giants, from Coyote Stories:

You can grab both albums from The Crane Wives on Amazon and iTunes.


The music begins this Friday night, September 30th, at 7pm at The Hanson Theatre on the Lake Michigan College Campus. You can purchase tickets here.

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